We all know( well those of us not blessed with flawless skin!) how hormones can not only play havoc with your moods and body but also with your skin. One minute your face is all flawless and the next minute you have spots all over and wondering why all over sudden, despite your best efforts, your skin resembles a teenagers! 

We have come across a brilliant articleby Dare magazine, published by Superdrug.com , that breaks down your menstral cycle and hormones involved and how to tailor your skincare regime accordingly.

We will try to summarise it, and get you towards conquering your skincare woes! Everylittle helps, right?

DAY 1-7: 

  • this is when the levels of progestorone and oestrogen plummet, and you get your periods as the lining of the womb is shedding. 
  • the release of lipids- prostaglandins that cause the uterus to contract can cause spots, plus the low levels oestrogen can make the skin dull.
  • during this period, use anti-inflammatory skincare eg: ones with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E that will calm the skin and an acid exfoliator to combat dullness.

DAY 7-14: 

  • at the end of your periods, low oestrogen levels triggers the production of FSH( follicle stimulating hormone) and this causes your eggs to swell, in turn boosting oestrogen levels and blood circulation.
  • Skin is less sensitive during this stage, and you can now skincare products that don’t clogg up your skin like gel cleansers, hint of moisturiser and of course sunscreen.

DAY 14-21: 

  • this is the week oestrogen and testosterone peak, you are at your most fertile withsmaller pores and glowing skin! 
  • Not alot of produc is needed at this stage, a Serum and sunscreen moisturiser should do the trick.

DAY 21-28: 

  • Now your oestrogen levels have dropped and testosterone is trying to get that egg fertilised( get the hint!), all this equals oilier skin plus you progesterone levels are plummeting, increasing stress and making you crave sugar!
  • Bring in the Anti-blemish stuff- products with Salicylic acid, tea-tree as well as deep action pore cleaning stuff to help keep blemishes at bay. Also remember to remove your make-up thoroughly( Always!)

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