Skincare Equality Anyone?

If like me you have been a little put off and annoyed ( rightly so!) at having to fork out more money for the same products just because one is geared towards women and the other towards men, sometimes with no real difference except in the packaging( what is now referred to as “Pink Tax”) , then the concept of gender neutral products is a welcome relief- Welcome to the era of unisex grooming.

Gender equality is a hot topic and strides are being made in all areas of life and the beauty world is not one to be left behind. Men are no longer sneered at for moisturising and the term “Metrosexual”( a man who cleanses and exfoliates) is quite outdated! just look at the sheer amount of products available for the “Modern man”.  However, according to a recent article in the health and beauty magazine by boots, there was a drop in sale figures for male-specific skincare yet the overall skincare market was set to rise by a whooping 3%. It seems more of us- men and women are shopping from the same pool of products. 

It is true that variations in our skins- men and women- mean we may need specific products, e.g due to increased levels of testosterone, men’s skin tends to be thicker and oilier, with increased sensitivity due to shaving, which can also lead to rashes and ingrown hairs. Meawhile women have thinner skin, which makes them lose collagen levels faster as they age and wrinkles set in earlier, but despite these nuances, our basic skincare needs are actually pretty similar. So when it comes to a regime of cleansing, hydrating and protecting, they both need the same thing, as skin behaves in the same way. 

So if the gender neutral trend is for you or you just want to invest in skincare you can share with the guy in your life, then here’s just a snippet of a whole lot of products that we have ,that you can  add to your shopping cart:

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