Of Netflix, a thousand questions and love of all things Male!

Now i don’t know about you, but i have been wishing that there were more hours in the day so that i can watch the sheer number of T.V shows that are now out there, but hey there is Tivo and Netflix. So i was excited to note that Netflix now had season 1 of How to get away with Murder, so i could catch up before season 2 started on mainstream telly.

So now i am hooked and get to the part where Annalise discovers a picture of her husbands crown jewels on this dead girls phone! Now i know those who have watched this show at this point were probably wondering if he did kill her or not? I on the other hand was struck by a thousand questions running through my weird head! Like how did she know it was his?( okay she could because of the wallpaper!) but in the absence of any helpful background art how does one tell? If you are presented with a picture of your significant others crown jewels( maybe there is a book of mug shots of every offending ehm jewels out there) would you know who it belonged to( trying not to die here)? Would you correctly identify yours( meaning your significant others!)

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