Importance of a night time routine for your skin

Do you find yourself asking why you may have woken up with a glow today and been a complete mess the following day. Why you may get beauty sleep somedays and barely any on others in relation to how your skin looks when you wake up?
The relation between sleep and feeling refreshed is not a coincidence, every night we go to bed, our skin prepares for a heavy session of repair.

Many people believe that their beddings are clean, their home is clean and as such they aren’t protecting themselves from anything so why use night care products.
The difference with daycare and night care is that during the day, you are more on the mission to protect, cover and secure your skin while interacting with all the harmful elements outside. However, at night, the products act as substances to help in the process of recovery, making the skin stronger and well rested for the next day. In turn they work to make it easier for your skin during the busy day ahead.

Should guys have skin care products?

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