How to Fight Dry Skin

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Our range of products are available to help you combat dry skin on your body. The best ingredients used to combat dry skin include:

  1. Hemp – Our Hemp range has been vigorously hydrating skin for over two decades. Hemp seed oil is known to help restore the skin’s barrier and lock in moisture.
  2. Coconut – Dry skin driving you nuts? Opt for Coconut. Enriched with coconut oil or extracts, our range will leave skin feeling softer and smelling sweeter.
  3. Shea – It is also known for its intensely nourishing effect. Help cocoon yourself in moisture and slather on Shea after (or during) a shower.
  4. Chamomile – And because dry skin loves a softly-softly approach, wash away your day with our gentle Chamomile range.

It is important to establish a routine as it help set us up for better days. And having a dedicated day and night skincare routine can help prevent dry skin. You can being your day by having a tall drink of water and an intensely nourishing moisturizer. Our bestselling Vitamin E Moisture Cream locks in moisture for all-day hydration and absorbs easily, so you can get ready faster.

Part of your daily routine could include the following:

  1. Step one – Exfoliate dry skin.
  2. Step two – Cleanse dry skin.
  3. Step three – Moisturize dry skin.
  4. Step four – Moisturize dry hands.
  5. Step five – Protect dry lips.

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