How To Combat Body Odor?

The busier we get, the more active we can become in a very passive way. Waking up, rush out of the shower, sit in traffic, meeting to meeting and before you know it, you’re having lunch and not feeling too comfortable with the state of how you smell.

Body odor is something that is natural and can be contained using some small tips throughout your day.

Using antiperspirant at bedtime allows the product to work while you are not sweating. Applying the product at the start of your day is helpful, however once you start to sweat it is washed away and you’re left at the root of the problem again.

Keep underarms dry as bacteria doesn’t breed well in dry areas of the body. .

Your diet. As strange as it may sound, what you take in determines what comes out. Fatty foods, oils or even just very strong smelling foods often come out in the same way. Strong smelling scents mixed with sweat that can be unpleasant.

Constant shaving of your underarms makes it easier to contain these smells and keep them to a minimal.

If your body odor is primarily from working out, then ensure you wash your gym clothes as often as possible and at times a shower before the gym can help as it doesn’t allow the buildup of sweat overnight or at after a day of work flow out with the sweat of the gym.

Ideally, body odor is a problem that is managed through prevention and good hygiene. Staying clean, in clean areas and in clean clothes with the aid of deodorant should prevent this adequately .

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