Get The Right Face Moisturiser


Our face care moisturiser products are classified according to skin types to ensure that our customers get the right and best value of the products they purchase. Here the various skin type products we offer:

1. Oily Skin:

Our hydrating, lightweight Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream is our best face moisturiser for oily skin and combination skin. It helps to balance oil and excess sebum, leaving a matte complexion. Our bestselling formula is enriched with mineral-rich seaweed from Ireland. 

Oily Skin

2. Combination Skin

Suitable for normal to combination skin, our fast-absorbing Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream locks in 48hr hydration. Enriched with biofermented hyaluronic acid from France and Community Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico, this non-greasy moisturizer leaves skin looking less shiny and feeling refreshed. 

Combination Skin

3. Normal Skin

Suitable for all skin types, our bestselling Vitamin E Moisture Cream has a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that offers 48hr moisture and leaves skin feeling refreshed. It’s enriched with biofermented hyaluronic acid from France, Community Trade shea butter handcrafted in Ghana and Community Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico.

Normal Skin

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