Claim back your skintone! Dark spots, uneven skintone, we’ve got ya!

You know we have listened to all your dark spot frustrations, under eye dark circles, and your battle ( as well as ours!) to reclaim back your skintone and feel fabulous in your skin. Yes we have tried and failed to stop popping that spot only for it to turn into a black accussing spot, or for that fun in the sun leaving you looking like 50 shades of brown, that refuses to go away even though you are now a faithful applicant of the all powerful sunscreen!.

Well help is now on the way. We bring you the power of Grapefruit in the way of Yes to Grapefruit products- They harness the power of the Grapefruit which is full of Vitamin C which is an Immune system booster that encourages collagen production for younger looking skin and it also contains citrus flavonoids, powerful biological actives which help prevent the over production of melanin in the skin resulting in a brighter complexion. The Yes to Grapefruit Body Creme will be coming soon.

We also bring you Boots award winning No7 dark circle eye care range as well as Fade out- The experts in skintone! We wanted to give you a wide range of products to choose. Last but not least we have added to our range of Day creams with SPF, because protecting your skin from harmful effects of the sun is paramount and will go along away in helping you maintain your lovely skintone!

So here is to claiming back your Skintone

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