Halal Beauty and Skincare Products.

Welcome to a world of Skincare and Beauty Products that cater for modern tastes without compromising faith values. Get ready for you cosmetic and beauty cabinet to welcome formulations that are ethically produced in the United Kingdom that contain no pesticides, alcohol, femented animal ingredients and are cruelty free. Suitable for Vegeterians and Vegans* as well.

*PHB Ethical Beauty Products.

KES 2,150.00
PHB Balancing Face Wash(for oily/troubled skin)-100mls
KES 2,340.00
PHB Balancing Facial Toner(for oily/troubled skin)- 100mls
KES 2,540.00
PHB Balancing Moisturiser(for oily/troubled skin)- 50mls
KES 4,910.00
PHB Balancing Range- For Oily/Troubled Skin.
KES 2,150.00
PHB Brightening Face Wash(normal/combination skin)- 100mls
KES 2,240.00
PHB Brightening Facial Toner- Normal/Combination skin 100mls
KES 2,340.00
PHB Brightening Facial Tonic(normal/combination skin)- 100mls
KES 2,540.00
PHB Brightening Moisturiser for Normal/Combination Skin 50ml
KES 2,540.00
PHB Brightening Moisturiser(Normal/combination skin)- 50mls
KES 4,910.00
PHB Brightening Range- For Normal/Combination Skin
KES 2,150.00
PHB Gentle Face Wash(for sensitive skin & Eczema)- 100mls
KES 2,340.00
PHB Gentle Facial Toner(for sensitive skin & eczema)-100mls
KES 2,540.00
PHB Gentle Moisturiser( for sensitive skin & Eczema) - 50mls
KES 2,540.00
PHB Gentle Moisturiser-for Sensitive Skin & Eczema 50Ml
KES 4,910.00
PHB Gentle Range- For sensitive skin & eczema
KES 1,455.00
T & J Lime & Reyhan Body Wash-250mls
KES 1,550.00
T&J Blue Orchid Body Lotion-250mls
KES 1,455.00
T&J Blue Orchid Body Wash-250mls
KES 1,550.00
T&J Lime & Reyhan Body Lotion-250mls
KES 1,455.00
T&J Mint Noir Body Wash-250mls.
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